We transform offensive hacking capabilities into automated security checks and affordable advice. Make your preventive security check-up, now!

Security experts assess your services

Professional hackers will assess your website and infrastructure for vulnerabilities. We have won international hacking competitions, are well connected, and have many years of hacking experience.

Ethical Hacker

Continuous assessment instead of singular events

Similar to a DevOps approach, we automate security checks: SecOps. We do this on a continuous basis for our customers.

Continuous Checks

Specific recommendation for action

Prioritized results at a comprehensible technical level, including problem description, risk scoring, and recommendation for action. You can easily import the results into your existing ticketing systems.


Comprehensive scans

We are conducting portscans, finding unpatched server software and web application vulnerabilities (such as SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities and many more). We also find publicly available data in the deep web, including personal customer data or passwords, and we conduct regular re-checks. We are searching for problematic server configurations (such as nginx, apache, postgres, mysql, php and many more), and follow best practices.


Optimized for software companies

Particularly designed for technical leaders and CTOs from companies developing internet services.

Asset Discovery

Key security indicators for the management board

We provide a high-level outline for managing directors instead of an infinite number of individual issues. CEOs will receive proof of their security from independent experts.

Information Hand

GDPR readiness

Proactively detect vulnerabilities and prevent high GDPR fines.


Affordable security checks

Unbeatable value for money. Continuous security checks are getting affordable.

Price–performance ratio

“Sometimes, you have to demo a threat to spark a solution.”

Barnaby Jack, Ethical Hacker

Make your preventive security check-up, now!

Let’s hack!