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Offensity gives you a precise picture of your externally accessible infrastructure and
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Offensity automatically detects vulnerabilities in your publicly hosted infrastructure:

  • accidentally exposed internal services,
  • exploitable server software,
  • broken web applications,
  • abusable and public files,
  • weak user credentials,
  • And much more - across your domain and all of your subdomains.

Identify and respond to upcoming threats

Our security experts daily monitor new and trending threats and help you respond appropriately:
Whether it's a vulnerability in your tech stack or a data leak involving your employees' access data - our team has you covered.

Simple, actionable reporting

Offensity only reports vulnerabilities that are an actual risk to your infrastructure, cutting down on time-wasting incidents, minimal-impact issues and false positives.
You’ll get crystal clear reports, with vulnerabilities ranked by risk and recommended actions for resolution.

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