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Authenticated Insecure Direct Object Reference in Kentico CMS (CVE-2022-29287)

A vulnerability in the Kentico CMS allows an administrator to access sensitive data of higher privileged users.


Authenticated SQL injection in the Genesys iWD Manager (CVE-2021-40860 and CVE-2021-40861)


Releasing Offensity for Free

Allowing admins and security teams globally to use our technology for FREE – no strings attached.


Product Update 2020 Q3

Systems that are secure just now could be compromised the very next day. All it takes is someone publishing a vulnerability and an exploit, and a system can be successfully attacked.


Just another Recon Guide for Pentesters and Bug Bounty Hunters

Reconnaissance is one of the most valuable things to do in bug bounty hunting. There are still "easy wins“ out there which can be found with a good strategy.


Product Update 2020 Q1


Product Update 2019 Q4


Product Update 2019 Q3


Advancing our Phishing Technology, an Insight Piece

During recent months more and more need for conducting social engineering campaigns arose from customers and in-house alike. To give an insight into how we work with our customers to ensure that they receive the best possible service we decided to publish parts of our efforts.


How OKRs help to improve your IT security

Many security teams struggle with prioritization: mostly reacting on incoming requests and constantly pulled in many different directions. OKRs may help to get focus and a common commitment.

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