A hot topic in the security community over the past few days has been the patching of a critical vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in Microsoft operating systems.

Although several thousand systems in Austria were affected (as can be seen from our blog post), we are happy to report that none of our customers were affected.

Nevertheless, we still want to explicitly inform you that you should verify once again whether your internal systems have been updated, as the risk is considerable.

Also, a quick info on what's been happening at Offensity over the past few weeks.

  • In the "Users" menu you can add or delete users to your team yourself.
  • From now on we offer you the possibility of two-factor authentication via SMS or Authenticator app (TOTP). It's best to activate it in your settings right away.
  • In the domain overview in the dashboard you can now activate and deactivate the individual domains yourself.
  • For a few weeks now, you have been receiving an automated notification as soon as new "high" or "critical" issues occur in your systems.
  • On the first of each month you will get a summary of what has changed in your reports.

And here's an overview of our roadmap for the next few weeks:

We are working on an overview in which you can better understand the progress of your security level.
In the future, a separate view should give you a good overview of running services within your infrastructure - the beta for this is coming soon!
Soon you will be able to add or delete subdomains in the dashboard.

A little promotion of our own other services: We also perform penetration tests and social engineering campaigns with our team. If you are interested, please contact us :-) If you are interested, please contact us :-)