We have some new features that we would like to point out to you:

  • At https://reporting.offensity.com/infrastructure/ you can click on "View" to get an overview of your externally accessible IT infrastructure.
    There you can see your subdomains, open ports, fingerprints and versions as well as web technologies.
  • From now on you can add and remove subdomains in the dashboard itself.
  • Issues in reports can now be ignored or reported as false positives.

Currently we are working on the following features:

  • REST API for accessing your reports via API
  • Improvements to web application scans - we have already deployed a new web crawler and are improving vulnerability detection to reduce false negative and false positive rates.
  • Active notification when a new open port is found
  • Active notification when we discover a new subdomain that is not currently scanned.

If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to contact us.