The year is coming to an end and we have some news for you:

  • In your infrastructure view, you can now add domains yourself. All domains must be verified via DNS TXT record.
  • We now make all scanning results available to you as a REST API.
    In your account settings, you can create an API token that can then be used to fetch the results.
  • In your report overview, you can now see if a scan is currently running. The scan can then be canceled via the "Cancel Scan" button.
  • We have launched a new web crawler and a new web vulnerability detection engine that will bring you even better quality results.

By the way, with "Offensity RED" we are launching a premium package where we manually check your infrastructure four days a month and consult in monthly collaboration calls.

We will start with the first Friendly Customers next year and are still looking for interested parties.

We welcome your your feedback.