The first weeks of the year have started excitingly, with several critical vulnerabilities, including RDP and Citrix remote code executions. We are pleased that we have always been able to respond quickly and inform affected customers quickly.

Furthermore we have some news for you:

  • From now on you can share issues with external service providers. A sharing link can be created for issues under "Actions" and "Share", which can also be displayed without authentication.
    The link is valid for 30 days and can be withdrawn via domain management.
  • When ignoring or reporting false positives, you can now also add comments that will be displayed additionally on the issue.
    By the way, reports of false positives are evaluated by us and we try to fix them.

We are also currently working on a new overview page that will show you which data leaks your users and collaborators have appeared in.

In addition, we are considering combining the reports for all top level domains into a single large report in the future and providing filtering options.

We would appreciate your feedback and ideas on this.