Today, we are releasing a new package: Offensity Free.
Allowing admins and security teams globally to use our technology for FREE – no strings attached.

With Offensity, we try to make finding and fixing vulnerabilities as simple as possible. Making it easier for IT admins to scan their company's infrastructure with every release.

We believe that our cause needs to have broad awareness and adoption within the IT security community and providing a free solution is the next logical step on this path:
Sign up and run professional vulnerability scans for free.

What you get for free

Free users will be able to get fully functional security reports:

  • You can trigger scans manually – whenever you need them. No scans without manual action!
  • You can request one scan per week.
  • Monitor up to 50 subdomains and 2 domains.

You can find all the details at

Finally, there is nothing for you to wait for. Get free and professional vulnerability scanning for your company;
Sign up at!

Insights into our growth rate

Offensity is a service that is meant to scale and help IT professionals world-wide to make their organizations' infrastructure more secure. Even though we offer a free trial to our customers, we have not come close to reaching the public awareness nor customer numbers we hoped for.
We want to change that and remove the biggest hurdle of adopting Offensity by providing our high quality vulnerability scanner absolutely for free.

Everyone is now able to get and run an Offensity scan, and there now is no easier way to get a full-blown professional vulnerability scan. As simple as that.

Insights into our churn rate

We also struggled with the fact that a good share of customers fall out of our sales/marketing funnel as soon as the trials have ended: Simply because not every company has critical issues that can be found or exploited at the moment of the trial running.
Although, we do understand the objections of not wanting to pay for a solution that does yield critical results right away on the first day, there is clearly a problem with this situation: with thousands of vulnerabilities published every year and organisations quickly adding new components to their software stack while having a hard time in upgrading and patching existing production components – it's just a matter of time until every company will be susceptible to critical vulnerabilities.
Again having a free and high-quality solution at hand, should remove this barrier to wider adoption within the ops and security community.

Finally, there is nothing to wait for. Get free and professional vulnerability scanning for your company; sign up at!