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Is Nessus/OpenVAS broken?

The problem with popular tools like OpenVAS or Tenable Nessus? Reports are time-consuming to interpret. Resulting in multiple weeks between individual scans. New risks will go undetected for weeks.
Offensity makes scanning and reading reports easier: get new results within days and know what’s important within seconds.

Working with outdated documentation?

Reading about a new exploit in your news feed and wondering if one of your public systems is exploitable, too? Find out in seconds by querying Offensity and get an updated view on technologies and software versions currently in use. – No more checking of documentation created by admin teams weeks ago.

Streamline communication and simplify your process

With Offensity, you can share new problems directly with the responsible technician – without attaching overly-sensitive reports into mails. Old and new scans are merged into one report, eliminating the need for manual comparison between versions.

Administrators and CISOs can directly share their notes on specific issues and have a common understanding of the current status. Another advantage: With Offensity, administrators can run regular scans themselves and resolve emerging issues - without being pushed by the CISO every time.

The simplest way to find and fix vulnerabilities

Offensity is an automated vulnerability scanner helping professional IT admins easily identify and fix vulnerabilities before hackers turn them into incidents. And it's free!

Offensity finds vulnerabilities in your public infrastructure:

  • accidentally exposed internal services and commonly hacked ports,
  • outdated and exploitable server software,
  • broken web applications,
  • hidden and abusable files and endpoints,
  • weak user credentials,
  • And much more - across your domain and all of your subdomains.

Our security experts daily monitor new and trending threats and help you respond appropriately: Whether it’s a vulnerability in your tech stack or a data leak involving your employees’ account credentials - our team has you covered.

Offensity only reports vulnerabilities that are an actual risk to your infrastructure, cutting down on time-wasting, minimal-impact issues, and false positives. You’ll get accurate reports, with vulnerabilities ranked by risk and recommended actions for resolution.

What you get for free

Users can get high-quality security reports for free. Free plans do have a few limitations though:

  • You can trigger scans manually – whenever you need them. No scans without manual action!
  • You can request one scan per week.
  • Your team has a maximum of 10 subdomains, 1 domain1, and 1 user.

You can find all the details at

Finally, there is nothing to wait for. Get free and professional vulnerability scanning for your company; sign up at!