When adding a new top-level domain (TLD), you will be presented with a "domain verification" prompt. This is necessary to avoid abusing Offensity: only legitimate owners can add and scan their own domains.

If your subdomains point to Software-As-A-Service platforms (or you do not own the infrastructure), you need to ensure that you have permission to scan the infrastructure. Clarify this with your provider in advance.

Testing locally

You can test locally if your DNS setting is correct. On Windows, use the tool "nslookup". (On Linux, similar tools are available, e.g. "dig").

% nslookup <enter>
> set type=txt <enter>
> example.com


Non-authoritative answer:
example.com   text = "1049e106e94c9c0a00aef3e396157bdfba792229ce5946e28bf943f1a4c1c37b"

How do I add a TXT entry?

To verify a domain for Offensity, create a new TXT entry (or TXT Resource Record) in the domain management system of your provider (e.g. Exoscale, Hetzner, Host Europe, or world4you.com or your IT department).

Copy your Verification Token

First, copy the contents of the gray highlighted field at reporting.offensity.com for your domain from the Domain verification section. The gray field is your verification record.

Note: This verification record does not expire.

I manage my DNS records via a third-party provider

The exact steps depend on your DNS administration and the respective third-party provider.

Log in to the web portal of your provider. (Look for keywords like: "Domains → DNS → Add DNS entry").

Follow the steps below:

  • Create a new record for your domain, e.g. company-demo.com.
    Note that the top-level domain (e.g.: company-demo.com) has been selected and not a subdomain (e.g.: mail.company-demo.com).
  • Select TXT as the entry type.
  • Enter 3600 into the field "Valid for / Time-to-live" (TTL).
    (Future changes will thus only become visible after 1 hour).
  • In the "Value" field, paste the verification entry you copied in step 1 (e.g. "offensity-domain-verification=1049e106e94c9c0a00aef3e396157bdfba792229ce5946e28bf943f1a4c1c37b").
  • Save the new entry. It may take up to 72 hours for this to be added successfully.

I manage my own name server

If your company manages its own name server, contact your technical team with the appropriate request.

Re-check verification token

Return to "Domain Verification" at reporting.offensity.com and click "Check verification token" for the domain you want to set up.

If successful verification is not possible after several hours, select "request a manual verification" or contact the Offensity team at https://reporting.offensity.com/contact/. Manual processing may take several days.

Note: If you do not have experience with adding/editing DNS records, contact your technical contact or our support team.