What is Offensity?

Offensity checks your IT systems accessible from the Internet for security vulnerabilities. We alert you as soon as we discover critical gaps.

Detect SQL injections, weak credentials, outdated software and much more. Enhance manual penetration tests with our trusted automation. Make security measurable.

Why Offensity?

Ease of use.

Read well-structured reports and fix the right vulnerabilities.

Meaningful alerts

Avoid effort created by over-sensitive algorithms or bots gone mad.

Detect new threats

Our hacker team reacts immediately to new threat scenarios. Whether it's a new vulnerability or a data leak involving employee data.

How does Offensity work?

Step 1

Enter your domains (e.g. "example.com")

Step 2

We recommend further subdomains.

Step 3

From now on, we will scan your systems and alert you in case of critical security gaps.

How much is an Offensity license?

Start free-of-charge

Get things moving with our trial. As soon as you are ready, you can extend to a paid package (starting from € 389,-/month for 5 domains and 100 subdomains).

No commitment

The Offensity trial expires after 4 weeks. No automated debiting or package extension.

Get Security Reports For Free

Besser abgesichert, weniger Arbeit.

Offensity Security Monitoring Professional 1-month, free-of-charge trial
Test Offensity one month for 0 €. The trial is limited to 1 month, starts with the provision of the service, and ends automatically after 30 days. The trial includes up to 5 users, 5 domains and 100 subdomains.

Within the scope of this 1-month trial period, A1 Digital will provide the service for a total of 20 working days. The exact time of service performance is in A1 Digital's responsibility. Only one free trial is available to each company. After the trial period, A1 Digital will contact the customer about their experience with Offensity.

Offensity is exclusively provided to entrepreneurs as defined in § 1 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (Konsumentenschutzgesetz, KSchG).

Frequently asked questions

What is being scanned?

Our scans include classic network scans (TCP/UDP full port scans) and web scans. We discover:

  • Weak credentials
  • Open database systems
  • Web vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL injections and many more)
  • Sensitive web files (database backups, configuration files and many more)
  • Outdated CMS installations
  • Subdomain take-over
  • and many more.

When will I receive the first report?

Depending on the size of your infrastructure, usually after a few hours to two days.

Can I select the systems scanned?

Yes. We find your subdomains based on your domain. We will suggest these subdomains to you during setup. You can remove or add subdomains at any time.

How often do you scan?

As a rule, you will receive a report on our dashboard every two days. We start the scan modules every two to seven days.

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We'd love to show you what Offensity can do for your business! Or if you have any questions, contact us using our web form or with a simple email.

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